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 +===== Contact =====
 +If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me by email (either in English or German language).\\
 +My name is Peter Schmidt.\\
 +===== Language=====
 +Although I'm German, this website is only available in English language. That's because only a few customers come from Germany, Austria or Switzerland.\\
 +Please excuse my English.
 +===== Credits =====
 +Website hosted by [[https://​uberspace.de/​|Uberspace]] and driven by [[http://​www.dokuwiki.org|DokuWiki]].
 +===== Honeybeesoft =====
 +Honeybeesoft,​ Honeybeesoft,​ ... is it a company?\\
 +No, it's just a phantasy name coined by my son when he was a child.\\
 +Aubade is a hobby project.