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 +====== Metronome ======
 +The metronome provides an easy way to generate a metronome track as a timing basis for your song. The typical click sounds are generated according to the selected configuration.
 +===== Configuration =====
 +The following parameters are available to configure the metronome.\\
 +|Tempo\\ [30\ -\ 300\ BPM]     |Set the tempo of the sequence in BPM (beats per minute). Each beat is a click sound in the metronome track. |
 +|Start delay\\ [1\ -\ 10\ sec] |Insert silence for the specified duration at the beginning of the track. |
 +|Beats per bar\\ [1\ -\ 16]    |Set the number of beats of each bar. E.g. for 3/4 measure set "​3"​. |
 +|Number of bars\\ [1\ -\ 500]  |Set the number of bars you want to be generated. |
 +|Accent on first beat of bar   |The metronome sound for the first beat of each bar is accentuated by a higher frequency and level. |
 +Directly below the settings, the resulting duration of the track is displayed.\\
 +Again below that is the field where you can tap the beat. The measured tempo is then displayed at the top in the corresponding field.\\
 +Once you've set everything up, you'll need to tap the "​OK"​ button in the top right corner to generate the track.