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Needless to say that the song has to be recorded with Aubade Audio Studio.

crap acoustic thing (yaoihunter)

“this is one where i used the drum machine from the app”

Awakening Eyes (David Verdin)

David: “I'm using the Aubade drum kit. Aubade Walkie Talkies, Reverb, Delay, for Guitar soundefects. Also used L & R pan for Mixing. Recorded with electric guitar, metal muff pedal and a jamz Bluetooth speaker. Using android 6.0 cellular as mike.”

Bandman and until its mastered (Mr. 43)

“I recorded my vocals and edited this beat with your app aubade.”

Two more songs by Mr. 43.

Differently Wired - No Sleep (Cody Martin)

Cody: “…this track was recorded with aubade studio but the beat was not made from the studio…”

mr 6 nine (David Verdin)

David: “…Yes the drums are from Aubade. I just enjoy using this app…”

Here are two other songs by David.

Je n'ai d'autre désir (Blandine Julien)

Here is a polyphonique song by Blandine.

Also listen to this one-woman choir

Carry This Weight (Ryan "lil king" Schofield)

Ryan: “i currently use this program to record all my songs…it is by far the most efficient mobile app home studio i have yet to use…thank you”

Antro Virtual (Codo Coderson)

Codo has sent me this nice little song. Listen to it.

Lalalá (Elba y Codo)

Another one by Elba y Codo.

Her Eyes (Daffodil Daydream)

The song Her Eyes by Daffodil Daydream was mostly recorded with Aubade Audio Studio.

Robert Cochran: “…I recently recorded an album with my band Daffodil Daydream in a Seattle studio. After the fact I wrote my wife a song which I also wanted to include and was able to using my phone only (no mic) and Aubade. All vocals, guitars, mandolines, dogs, horns were recorded on phone…only drums, bass and strings were added later. Take a listen…it sounds really great!…my producer was blown away that it sounded so good…”.

Suspiros (J. Robert Leal)

The song Suspiros by J. Robert Leal was recorded with Aubade Audio Studio DEMO.

J. Robert Leal: “…I made this song in parts. At first i create various projects with aubade lite for each part of the song. Then, i upload all the parts to a pc and finally i mix all the parts with the help of an audio edition software. But the mix process was some complicated cause i was pasting one by one of more or less 25 projects of 30sec of length…”