Main View

When you launch Aubade it starts up with the Main View. Here you can see the eight audio tracks, or at least a few of them, depending on the screen resolution of your device. Just scroll the view vertically to see the other ones.
Below the tracks you find the timescale that shows the play position in minutes and seconds.
Below the timescale you find the peak programme meter that shows the audio level.
At the bottom of the screen you find four buttons: rewind, play, stop and record.

Audio Tracks

In this main area of the screen the waveforms of the audio signals are shown.
On the left side of each track you see the following information.

  1. Track label: By default it's “Track 1” to “Track 8” but it can be renamed.
  2. Mute/unmute button: The speaker button lets you mute and unmute the track. A muted track is excluded from replay and export.
  3. Recording track button: The microphone button lets you choose the recording track.
  4. Length indicator: This indicator displays the length of the track in minutes, seconds and tenth of seconds. If the track is empty the text “empty” is shown instead.

A single-tap on the track brings up its context menu. The context menu provides actions related to the particular track, including import audio, generate drums, apply effects and others.


The timescale below the tracks measures the time from the start of the track in minutes and seconds.

Peak Programme Meter

The two colored lines below the timescale are the indicators of the peak programme meter. The upper line stands for the left audio channel, the lower line stands for the right audio channel.
During playback the peak programme meter displays the level of the played audio signal. During recording it shows the level of the recorded audio signal. When you are neither recording nor playing the peak programme meter displays the level of the audio signal at the microphone. This is helpful to find a proper recording level.

Command Buttons

At the bottom of the screen you find the four command buttons.

Rewind Rewind to position 0:00.0
Play Play all (unmuted) tracks starting at the current position and mix them in real-time. If the markers are active the sequence between the markers is played in an endless loop.
Stop Stop playing or recording.
Record Record on the selected recording track. Recording starts at the current position. The other (unmuted) tracks are replayed while recording. Recording is disabled while the markers are active.